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Beautiful and durable Corten signs | The Mastropà case

Find out what we have created for this exclusive resort: not only corten signs but also special ultra-durable bathroom liners that stand out

Few people yet know the benefits of corten steel, which is why I decided to show you the work done for Mastropà, the wonderful special event resort.

Upon arriving at the site, it is impossible not to notice the magnificence of the corten signs.

The advantages of corten translate first and foremost into great ultra-strength that is accompanied by the natural beauty of its color tones that intensify over time and give it a lived-in yet contemporary look.

Its qualities make it ideal for integrating with ease into all architectural contexts that require originality and a touch of extraordinary sophistication.

What makes it even more appreciated is that it is completely maintenance-free because it is a virtually indestructible material.

Due to its extraordinary versatility, it lends itself to different types of machining of customizable shapes and thicknesses according to the most ambitious designs

It can be easily backlit through simple arrangements capable of making it even more unique, just like these “tops” made for very elegant bathrooms

top in corten
top in acciaio corten

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