Corten in the city is highly valued for its great weathering, vandalism and corrosion resistance qualities The reconstruction of Korolenka Street in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) was completed in 2020. The intervention involved the pedestrian zone: its appearance was transformed through the use of corten steel in the city. Ukrainian architects have been using […]

Discover Corten Style’s amazing corten steel fences that protect your home with unprecedented strength When it comes to protecting and improving your home, never compromise beauty for functionality. Corten steel fences from Corten Style offer a solution that combines beauty, strength, and timeless style in one striking combination. They represent a breakthrough in home architecture […]

Rediscover the pleasure of healthy cooking with direct griddle cooking of this special modern and ultra-durable garden barbecue Essential and minimalist in style, This particular Garden Barbecue is made of Corten steel, making it ideal for outdoor use as it is virtually indestructible and impervious to rust. Its other strength is its cooking method, which […]