barbecue in corten da giardino

Corten barbecue: direct cooking on plate

Rediscover the pleasure of outdoor cooking with a beautiful, functional, elegant corten barbecue that requires no maintenance because it is ultra-weatherproof

Essential and minimalist in style, the Corten Barbecue is an expression of modern kitchen and design requirements for gardens and exteriors.

Sobriety and functionality are its highly appreciated features that make it easy to place in any context, such as verandas and pergolas.

The corten barbecue’s cooking method is another of its strengths, as it is done directly on the griddle without the need for additional accessories.

In fact, the upper part consists of four food-grade stainless steel plates on which excellent meat, tasty vegetables and much more can be cooked directly without the use of added fat. In addition to the griddle, it is possible to do double cooking using the grill.

Its finishes are also very special, the result of workmanship performed with an ancient method by passionate craftsmen who pay attention to every detail.

The appeal of this handcrafted creation is timeless, thanks to the incredible properties of corten steel that make it one of the most durable and long-lasting materials.

Among other advantages:

  • it does not deteriorate with the passage of time,
  • it resists the effects of weathering,
  • it does not need to be moved to covered areas during the winter season,
  • it does not rust,
  • it can remain in the garden 365 days a year without any problems,
  • it does not wear out and does not deform,
  • it is secure against theft thanks to its special design,
  • cleaning and maintenance are reduced to a minimum, saving time and effort.

It is also pleasing to the eye, making it a design and furnishing object that can be combined with any type of garden furniture.

Can be combined with the corten brazier.

Prices from 1200 Euro.


bbq da giardino in corten
griglia barbecue in acciaio inox per bbq in corten

An ideal complement to the corten barbecue is the garden firewood holder made of the same material.

It is a functional and capacious container that can hold a good amount of wood both outdoors and in small domestic spaces.

Original and modern, the corten wood holder is also highly resistant to corrosion, so it can remain outdoors without any worries.

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