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Centrino style, the new collection of lamps and furniture

Centrino Style is the special collection of lamps made of corten steel suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. Visit the website: https://www.centrinostyle.it

The idea was born from the fortunate encounter between the brilliant intuitions of an architect, the craftsmanship of creative artisans and the entrepreneurial talent of two businesswomen, Silvia and Annamaria De Cataldo, owners of a historic company engaged for 30 years in the electromechanical sector.

It is the new face of the design of traditional craftsmanship made in Puglia.

In ancient times, Apulia was a protagonist in the noble art of doily making.

Apulian grandmothers weaved by hand a special artifact called a “doily,” so named because of its usual placement in the center of a table, sofa or piece of furniture. But its name was mainly due to the special weave converging toward the center.

The result was a total re-interpretation that resulted in an exclusive collection of particularly original lamps and furnishings. 

corten true protagonist of exclusive creations

All items in the Centrino Style collection are handcrafted through the use of corten steel.

Cor-ten is a material that “lives” and protects itself: if the surface is scratched, it oxidizes again and gives rise to a patina that regenerates it. 

It is an endless process, destined to leave a trace in time.

Therefore, our creations are durable and guaranteed against the action of time, in all weather conditions.

This makes them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

They are called “eternal design” precisely because of this extraordinary strength that characterizes them, even in the absence of maintenance.

Centrino interior design
lampada da interni Centrino Style

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