vasi e fioriere in corten

Corten Vases and Planters: indestructible and timeless

If you are looking for an elegant and exclusive way to enrich your outdoor space, corten planters are the perfect answer

Discover the New Corten Planters by Corten Style, an extraordinary idea to enhance your garden because they combine the charm of contemporary design with the ultra strength of materials. You will have Elegance and Functionality in One Solution!

The new corten planters are not just containers for your plants, but true elements of art that revolutionize your outdoor space. Corten, with its distinctive finish, adds warmth and character to any room, creating a fascinating contrast to the green plants. 

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for your corten planters, allowing you to create custom arrangements that perfectly suit your style and needs. Whether you prefer modern, geometric lines or curvy curves, the possibilities are endless.

Enduring Strength and Beauty

One of the most valued features of corten is its resistance to weathering and corrosion. This means your new corten planters will maintain their beauty over time, gracefully meeting the challenges of the seasons and providing a lasting touch of style to your outdoor space.


Corten planters from Corten Style are more than just decorative elements-they are works of art that transform your outdoor spaces into true corners of elegance and beauty. Be inspired by the fusion of design and nature and create an environment that will enchant anyone who walks through it.


Discover the new corten planters from Corten Style and make your outdoor space a haven of style and harmony. Get in touch with the beauty of corten and nature, an encounter that will make your environment even more special.

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    vasi e fioriere da esterno corten
    vasi e fioriere da esterno corten

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