barbecue in corten per il giardino

Tastier and healthier grilling with this Backyard Barbecue

Rediscover the pleasure of healthy cooking with direct griddle cooking of this special modern and ultra-durable garden barbecue

Essential and minimalist in style, This particular Garden Barbecue is made of Corten steel, making it ideal for outdoor use as it is virtually indestructible and impervious to rust.  

Its other strength is its cooking method, which is done directly on a food-grade stainless steel griddle, well away from embers.

This allows cooking without the use of added fat and at a lower temperature.

In this way, any food (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) will be healthier and richer in vitamins and protein. In addition, the texture of meats will be more soft and juicy.

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Greta, the Corten steel garden barbecue, is customizable in shape and size. So you’ll get the perfect one for your home, made just for you.

Another not insignificant detail is the near-impossibility of stealing it due to its rather imposing size. All the more reason to have it in your home immediately.

barbecue da giardino

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