specchio che s'illumina

Grimilde, the mirror that lights up like in fairy tales

The special mirror that lights up is made of Corten steel and Centrino Style weave. The original design adds an extra touch of style and exclusivity to your rooms

The Grimilde mirror brings our minds back to a fairy tale world that many of us remember by the name of Snow White and her stepmother. The latter used to mirror herself and repeat the same phrase over and over again, “Mirror mirror, who is the fairest ofthem all?” With this exclamation, she would continually ask the magic mirror for confirmation about her unchanging beauty and eternal youth.

But beyond all the symbolism that is part of a wide variety of clichés about beauty, what stands out here is the extraordinary artistry with which this mirror was made, said by many to be original.

Grimilde is the result of the craftsmanship of our masters who chisel Corten steel as if it were clay, resulting in unthinkable shapes reminiscent of the ancient art of doily making, once made with crochet, lace, and knitting needles by our grandmothers.

May or may not be equipped with lighting Led circular light that illuminates the face, enhancing both the beauty of the texture and the details of the face. A true diffuser of wonder.

Corten steel is an extraordinary material that combines strength, durability and unique beauty. Corten Style has taken this wonder to its highest expression with Grimile, a mirror that goes beyond a simple furnishing accessory: it is a corten steel work of art capable of transforming any room into a magical place.

The Characteristics of Grimile

Unique Design: Grimile is not just any mirror, but a unique artistic creation. The special finish gives it a sophisticated and rustic look that can perfectly blend into any type of environment.

Versatility Without Limits: You can casually place Grimile both inside your home, adding a touch of class to your living room or bedroom, and outside, where it will become the focal point of your garden or patio.

Exceptional Strength: Corten steel is known for its ability to resist weathering and corrosion. Grimile will maintain its beauty over the years, requiring very little maintenance.

Custom Dimensions: We know that every space is unique, and Corten Style has that in mind. You can customize Grimile’s dimensions to suit your needs, ensuring that it fits perfectly in your environment.

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